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Intimate design to protect you from hot drinks. Drink a daily drink, but hold a special unique wrap. Reading a book you love and enjoy a cozy shining time.
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Stop fishing your tea ball and enjoy to stir your tea with one of these fun little springy green leaves.
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No more boring and dull when you shape the hair with this hair clip which comes with clamps, circle, triangle and moon. So that your hairstyle looks more feminine and eye-catching.
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You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think. These inspirational words keep us running. We would never give up ourselves. Let these words be your anchor and your reminder that you have
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There’s not much better than Christmas cookies right?! (Big cookie fans here.) Maybe, just maybe, you can make them even better by packaging them up cute and taking them to a friend and this is a super fun way to do it.
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Pay homage to Vincent van Gogh while also keeping your feet warm with these Starry Night socks. Designed to look like the iconic painting, the Starry Night socks are comfy and are a great accessory to a Halloween costume
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Get Mojo the monkey nail blow dryer to assist you during your nail painting sessions and have them dry and beautiful looking in no time! He’ll huff, puff, and dry those nails mighty fast and look darn cute doing it too –
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You may not be the greatest mom in the world, but at least none of your kids ended up in prison or on the pole. The “World’s Okayest Mom” coffee mug celebrates your respectably average and laissez-faire style of parentin
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Now you can hollow out a strawberry with ease thanks to this amazing strawberry hollowing tool. Perfect for prepping strawberries for a multitude of dessert styles, this strawberry hollowing tool is easy to use and easy
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When you can’t decide what color to get your manicure/pedicure simply go with the rainbow splat nail polish and get all of them! This untraditional shade mashes together all the colors of the rainbow over a white backdro
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Hello everyone!  For this tutorial, I was initially going to show you how to make those popular fruit arrangements with strawberries, pineapples, melons, etc. (like from Edible Arrangements), but then I figured those are
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Give yourself a manicure the easy way with help from this wearable nail polish holder. This over sized silicone ring fits comfortably over your fingers and is designed to grip the bottle securely so you can move around f
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Illuminate the darkest and hardest to reach places with ease using the world’s smallest stick on LED. Virtually indestructible, this light comes with a high strength adhesive that’ll stick anywhere and includes long last
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Grow healthy and organic herbs right from your windowsill using these gardens in a can. Ideal for homes with limited space – simply pop open a can, add a little water, and watch as it grows over time into a lovely plant
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Whiskey stones are freezable naturally mined soapstones that will keep your drink cold but won’t water it down. The whiskey stones will keep your drink cold up to an hour, allowing you to savor the delicious whiskey or o
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If minimalistic elegance is your aim, then the faceless watch will be right up your alley. This watch’s intrepid design eliminates the bulky face in favor of a digital LED display built right into the band. It’s understa
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